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Collab Test with Woman, Fruits and Worms

Collab Test with Woman, Fruits and Worms

Drawn by Lunar Eclipse. Part of the album Delisted.

Testing collab mode with magicalhobo, Kassy and uneekl4evr. For some reason lot of food and worms are included. Due to to erase mode bug, woman had to be reworked - uneek did some amazing detail on the bracelet, which can only be seen on zoom

© 2014 Lunar Eclipse. Licensed under CC-BY.

Collaboration Eggplant Corn Carrot Pistachio Tomato Paprika Pear

Did you guys get it working smoothly? (apart from the stated erase issue) —  Joe HF
@Joe HF Yes it worked quite smoothly, like normal drawing. Only other glitch noticed was with undo which was global not personal. —  Lunar Eclipse
Hmmm, strange. I tried it with Aya, and we were getting frozen out each time the other one was drawing much. —  Joe HF
I see tomato, but will pretend that it is an apple ;).... Nice work! —  Miss Apple
I really like this. <3 —  Zippy the Wonderslug
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