alexandra the tiger

alexandra the tiger

Drawn by nightstar using SketchPort for Android.


Yup, im a sonic fan 8) . She awesome! XD just kidding, i dont know.

© 2013 nightstar. Licensed under CC-BY.

dont u htink ur drawing r tooo huge??? —  sweetrox
@sweetrox1 not huge, she drew it on her phone:) —  Aya Mulder
@sweetrox1 @Aya Mulder hehe, its was drawn on my tablet i did a close up. I only go one size for this :'( oh yeah, its going to be my bro's birthday wednesday! XD so happy for him. *coff*not —  nightstar
XD i am no going to type that again, just kidding luv u bro! —  nightstar
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