Breaking Boon

Breaking Boon

Drawn by thewalkingdude for the New style challenge.


He is the danger. He is the one who knocks.

© 2013 thewalkingdude. Licensed under CC-BY.

Breaking Bad Danger Hat Smile

Haha great idea! —  magicalhobo
Hobo, zakeena, thank you. Bakaya, I went somewhere? —  thewalkingdude
Hahahaha, this is a riot! <3 —  Hababoon
@thewalkingdude reply using "@" xd and yes,,, u haven't drawin here for a while T_T —  Aya Mulder
I don't like "@" It reminds me of twitter :P 2 draws in 2 weeks is a lot for me. —  thewalkingdude
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