Drawn by flora-remora. Part of the album Character References.


I title this courage because I had the courage to try some more complicated posing (for me). I am usually one to draw just a face or maybe some simple shot from the head to the waist. There is something seriously off with the anatomy here (the arms and hand, most likely, and also the neck among other things) but I had the courage to practice, so that's a good thing.

Also, I really should be doing my homework. And the more I look at it, I realize how nasty this sketch is. I'll probably delete it soon and save the face for reference.

© 2014 flora-remora. Licensed under CC-BY.


Liked by RES, michiru, and magicalhobo.
It's not bad, good job trying something new! —  magicalhobo
I think the anatomy of the arm is fine, its just that the piece is a little scratchyy, the hand looks really good thoughhh im glad you took a leap :> it really helpps —  RES
@magicalhobo @RES Thanks for the encouragement and the nice words :) —  flora-remora
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