Abstract may refer to:

  • Abstract (album), 1962 album by Joe Harriott
  • Abstract (law), a summary of a legal document
  • Abstract (summary), in academic publishing
  • Abstract art, artistic works that don't attempt to represent reality or concrete subjects
  • Abstract object in philosophy
  • Abstract structure in mathematics
  • Abstract type in computer science
  • The property of an abstraction
  • Q-Tip (rapper), also known as "The Abstract"


Color Nature Abstract

It's a Tree. And a bush. I was just playing around. As usual

Abstract LadyBug

i support ''Green Peace org.'' : no smoke , no drink , no fast food. Nature it we all, Animals and ...


For You My nice mother ! My always friend and first whom i showing all what i creating , thank You ...

Abstract Heads

Just messing around. My first drawing using the SketchPort android app

Animal Sea Octopus Friendly Octopus Abstract Stylized Character

Yay, it's the friendly octopus! Edit: Some people found this a bit creepy. It is not. Please look ...

Abstract Nature Bug Butterfly

Once Someone Said Famous Thing : ''All life as Circus'' its part of it , Circus - jumping through ...


(This is inspired by Zakena's »What is this?« challenge. But she didnt use eraser making it too ...

Abstract Nature

[ Українська мова теж чарівна < 3 ] Translate : He : You so charming ! She : and You're so romantic ...

Abstract Lines Yee

Y'all ever seen 0ne 0' deez bef0re? me either, it's n0t supp0sed to l00k like anything ...

Abstract Nature Crocodile

First name of the picture : ["Crocodile Island. Part I ''Nobody at home''"]

Perspective Line drawing Abstract

A not so secret secret message made of a secret language I've made for no reason. Shhh, it's a ...

Abstract Nature

First name of the picture : [being Green - support all positive ! be agnaist all bad and dark] = At ...

Geometric Circles Peacock Abstract

I drew 2 versions of this, but the other one still unfinished ._.I'll finish the other one later,, ...

"Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable."
Carl Sagan
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