Croissant Blueprint

Croissant Blueprint

Drawn by Lunar Eclipse.


On request of mouldy sponge

© 2014 Lunar Eclipse. Licensed under CC-BY.

Croissant Blueprint Abstract Geometric Cubic

That is some crazy croissant here. lol. Lots of lovely colorants I'd guess. did you squash smurfs ? —  Zakeena
is it normal that i see cruasan there? :))) huge , blue, little square shaped ..... —  Ana
@Ana cruasan is your name for croissant? If yes, not sure if it is normal to see, but I'm happy if you do :) because sometimes people have difficulties to see what I draw —  Lunar Eclipse
@Lunar Eclipse ,, cruasan is your name for croissant?'' haha yees, so, its called croissant, ill remember .... :D :)) —  Ana
positive draw +1000 , good luck in everything to you. —  Vomika
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