Manga Sketch

practicing the process of colouring, shading and stuff. have to draw tonnes of these on specified ...

Spider Spyder Fancy Fancy spider Ipong Make Huhu Sketch

Thats it "Fancy Spyder" I make that but half Ipong make.. huhu.. I forget give a color to the ...


I title this courage because I had the courage to try some more complicated posing (for me). I am ...

Sketch Dragon Black White

I asked my coworker to lend me his drawing tablet before going home xD Wish I had more time to draw ...

Manga Sketch Anime

My tablet was dead for months and finally it worked! probably a happy belated bd me lol.

Sketch Bones

Evidence of peri mortem fractures to the nose and post mortem wear of the horns. Suspected ...

Manga Sketch

another Japan subway ride itching finger leisure Just killing time ! BOUND FOR KŌbe yeah ! iPhone ...

Manga Sketch

I get this all the time ... sob sobs... my real life short story

Cat Sketch

I actually wanted to outline and color this one... but nope. just another sketch. ... Maybe I ...

Sketch Tree

I wanted to try something S\sketchy lol Enjoy :3

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