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Hot air balloon Drunk painting Art Painting Sky Hot air ballooning Paint Child art Watercolor paint Acrylic paint

Sorry drunk me doesn't have the patience to finish the drawing... But yes this is a hot air balloon ...

Cloud Sky Atmosphere Nebula Universe Outer space Computer wallpaper Astronomical object Space Galaxy

It's been too long since I last drew... here's a cloud? It's a fat cloud cause I didn't know when ...

Manga style Uniform Highschooler Face Head Figure drawing Fashion illustration

Save your drawing guys T_T Anyways random doodle and its 2 in da morning and i need to sleep (:

Adventure Finger drawing Mythology Fictional character Flower

Finger drawing using iPad mini Well I guess that's enough procrastination ... It's been a long time ...

Sketch Anatomy Bones Diagram Area

Just doing some reviewing work as usual... FYI: This is the left side of your pelvis.


well pirate- hook- actual hook- nose digger...? idk

Sketch Manga

midnight brainstorm... simply neglecting my studies...


sketching my friend

Badge Insignia Art

It's 2016! In the honour of Sketch Port I present you... THE SKETCHPORT INSIGNIA! It'd be great if ...


just some random ideas that popped out

Manga Sketch Anime

My tablet was dead for months and finally it worked! probably a happy belated bd me lol.

Manga Sketch Anime

I'm happy to get back to my drawing world for like a sec Now back to the uni life...

Ex liberis Painting Tired

Ahhhh... I'm so tired.... I wanna visit somewhere like that ^

Manga Sketch Anime

よおこそ = yookoso = welcome! welcome to the world of stupiee lols.

"As a professor of science, I assure you we did, in fact, evolve from filthy monkey-men."
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