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Heyyo~ Im a 16 years old girl who wears glasses and having a messy hair. Easily had a crush on someone and hard to move on, sometime. Full of sadness, if you want to know the real me. I am pathetic and just.. blah~ Sometime, im not in the mood of talking so, when i dont reply, thats mean im not in the mood bby~ I draw humans, sonic, anything strange maybe. My style? i cant describe it... its almost like Alice i Wonderland + Visual Kei (a little) + Modern (maybe?) + Melting thingy + CHAINS, ROPES, EVERYTHING THAT CAN TIE YOU + Colorful hair + etc lol. I draw on sketchbook a lot. I will practice on my coloring so wish me luck my dear kawaii nekos~

Welcome envy! I'm glad you came to share your art here. Hope you'll feel comfortable and that you'll do lots and lots of draw; be crazy. your style looks fuuuuuuun! hope to see more from you; :) —  Zakeena
Haha nice bio. Welcome! —  magicalhobo
Good luck Envy-San I know you will get the coloring and draw amazing like you always will. :D —  Kiikii
Ah hey UJC <3 —  tord
Ah hey UJC <3 —  tord
Aah, thank you!~ And I'm not sure I've ever stumbled upon you either! >< And your art looks great too! Very cute <3 —  Chewseh
thank you! your art is so nice btw :D —  RP
Hello Envynity ! how are you ? —  Vomika
you know Envy and (nity <- -> tiny) tiny Envy : ))) well sry just Envynity. —  Vomika
I love ur drawings! Now I'm an anime fan! —  Google User
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