Miss A.

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Rediscovered a love for drawing in 2007 and I'm not looking back!

You may know me as MissA_sketches, a site MOD for http://sketchfu.com, (soon to be defunct), it was a sweet ride and will be greatly missed. I owe that site an awful lot.

You may know also me from: http://www.miss-a-sketches.deviantart.com, http://http://www.flickr.com/photos/missasketches/, or at http://www.queeky.com/artist/MissAsketches. Feel free to contact me here or at any of those sites. I will do my best to respond.

Hope you will continue to enjoy my art journey with me! :D

Mom's Iris Revisited

Mom's Iris Revisited

© R. A. 2-16-13 & published in June 2013's botanical issue of Colored Pencil Magazine.

Nice to see you. ;) hehehehehe —  Hira
That's good! And good luck! Be sure to send the links to the discussion link Hobo opened! [I have the link posted in my drawing if you lost it] and I hope you can eventually get the hang of this site because I'd love to see you around here! —  Hira
Ah yeah, this is how they keep spammers away, you need to have drawings upvoted to send PM's. As for transferring, you need to go here http://www.sketchport.com/discussion/6632187331870720/ and once Hobo gets on he's going to import them. He's AFK now it seems but he should come back soon! —  Hira
OH it cut off somehow when i pasted it. http://www.sketchport.com/discussion/6632187331870720/sketchfu-conversions that one should work! sorry lol! —  Hira
Hello, Miss A, your drawings should be in your drafts section now! —  magicalhobo
The animations take a while to appear on any drawing on this site, but don't worry! They will. Once they do you'll get a notification in your inbox saying an animation was made! —  Hira
Did you see the animation on the drawing? It worked! —  Hira
Scroll down your profile page to the Squished-Fu drawing, and click the video icon, first icon on the right! —  Hira
Aw, it's nothing. I'm just glad I was able to share this great site and community with you. This transition's a bit hard, and this site has definitely made it easier on me. I'm glad I can help and I'm very happy you can be here where we can enjoy your art as it was on sketchfu for so long! —  Hira
Haha thanks! You do too :D I'll be waiting for more draws from you!! —  Jini
Ah, already working on it! ;D —  Chewseh
naah it's alright! and welcome!! : ) —  michiru
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