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Disney fan art Princ

Disney fan art from Princess and the Frog done at Sketchfu.

Fan art Wizard of Oz

Drawn at Sketchfu in an OZ fan group app I created there.

Star Trek Voyager fa

Star Trek Voyager fan art of Seven of Nine from Sketchfu. First digital portrait I was truly proud ...

Disney fan art skunk

Disney fan art from Bambi done at Sketchfu.

Baby millie portrait

Attempted a portrait of a sketchfu friend, babymillie. Has issues, but, wasn't bad for my skill ...

Disney fan art Aeria

A little Disney fan art done at Sketchfu for a friend because she, yellowlab08, was being super ...

Alice in Wonderland

Originally drawn in a fan art group app for Alice in Wonderland at Sketchfu.

Alice in Wonderland

A little Alice in Wonderland Disney fan art from Sketchfu, referencing an online movie still.

Star Trek fan art st

Fan art of the good ship Enterprise. Originally drawn at Sketchfu in a Star Trek group app I used ...

Disney Mickey Mouse

Drawn at Sketchfu in a Disney group app.

Bull dog animal pet

Originally drawn at Sketchfu as a challenge by the owner of Wallace, grahampage. First time I'd ...

Sketchfu pumpkin pie

From Sketchfu. Originally drew a slice of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving 2009. I know I had better ...

feeding butterfly Mo

This was originally drawn at Sketchfu back in 2007, my first year there, and was the first digital ...

Sweetums Henson mupp

Spectrumgirl made me draw this at sketchfu. ;)

sketchfu FU hand stu

Originally drawn at the soon to be defunct site sketchfu.com. Poor FU. This draw has a whole new ...

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