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Butterflies Flowers Colorful Conversation Finger Hand Head

I'm used to tablet so anything i draw here will be sloppy. But I missed my flowers so... Okay....

Im back Book Area Shape Line

Soon after Nightstar began her new adventures in the real world, she became unable to draw in...

Flower Night

:3 I know it's not good, I've seen all you guys work. But I find this cute. I'm in a flower phase.

Had a good day. Current mood:flower power :)

I miss ya guys! I keep on trying to be with this awesome community! :D

jeff the killer :D fandom!!

i was looking for some creepypasta character ideas but I couldn't think of anything, opened up...

so......... I'm kinda part of the doctor who fandom unease smile

i miss this guys! D: I can draw and do school at the same time. :'( I'm not using my Samsung for...

So, school is coming. Hello XD im back 8) im a bit nervous since im going to a new school....

My god i havent posted in forever! NOTE: i like to draw ans so but i dont hsve so much time now....

Why im i not drawing as much!!!!!! :( i need ideas.

Where have i been?! Yay i'm back! I couldnt login because i just noticed i forgot the l in mail XD

I got pokemon black version 2 today! So happy, i thought to make rosavelt! XD have a happy new year guys!

Mistletoe Christmas Emo

Merry early christmas! I cant believe im getting a 101art case! Yeeeeeee! What are you guys getting?

Snake-foul Cat-nightstar Girl-Tenaka A. Orochi

Yay! If you are a anime geek, doesnt she look like haruhi from oran hshc before she cut her...

My bro is going to be 23 wednesday! I got him the best gift XD happy b day bro Have a happy day!

Yup, im a sonic fan 8) . She awesome! XD just kidding, i dont know.

My wolf looks like a a cat. :'( oh, well. Lets run! Thank you dragoart ;) click it. XD

To show my classmate this is my art i'll put his name here >>> Ismael 8) live with it. XD

XD only one person that is not me knows what she saw. XD

"There are all kinds of interesting questions that come from a knowledge of science, which only adds to the excitement and mystery and awe of a flower."
Richard Feynman
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