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ok Hobo i don't know if you'll read this but i think something should be done about ery's stalker. look at the amount of messages he leaves on her profile :

this is insane. he keeps on coming here and she's the one who is punished because he's still free to harass her. he keeps coming on the chat from time to time, i think all the regular chatter have seen his psychotic prose. some of us tried to make him give up. in vain. an he still harrass her elsewhere.

it's unfair. really unfair. i liked her personnality and her sketches. now she can't do anything because of this psycho.

ery needs our support, your support Mister Hobo. is there anything that can be done to prevent this guy from coming on the site, leave message, and so on?

at least on this site, she could have some rest!

Mary McGlohon:



hi they go 1714 4th Altoona

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