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uh...ok😇😇😇 —  No Lian
Meow am misding you soooo much from inner heart how are you ery kitty cat its my bday i just want you to wish me . I just want your happiness you be most hsppiest person cute smile . —  bdaymax Kitty
Cat please meow am not asking for any return love just text a wishes i be making myself normal i just make my heart calm instead making into tear whole life , if mistake are from my end forgivr me am ready to bow my head to your foots but by doing like this it hurt me more more —  bdaymax Kitty
Mewo cat how you doing cute , am unhappy am busy with my career now willl meet soooner meow —  bdaymax Kitty
Meow wishing you a happy and best new year and wish you to be more happy and joyful my cute meowwww —  bdaymax Kitty
How are you meow am sorry please comr back please cat i beg you —  bdaymax Kitty
Im bit busy with my career now you be happy am sad thinking of you whole day and night you be happy cute cat —  bdaymax Kitty
Hi cat ,missing you soo much hope you are happy , i fall in love at first when i hve abke to get chance to see your small cute kid picture with a great smile on face , cutie i obey yo as my mother thats a reason i love you as you resemble a feeeling of my mom , which makes me more happier with just your presence i undersatnd am bit mad more attched to you but i just want you to be with me hold my hand walk into the life —  bdaymax Kitty
Am proud to make myself strong as i loved a cute cat who is soo strong and unique am sorry for the mistakr i habe done but its nt reason to hurt you my cat you always a great person to me always the best and only loved one for my whole life . —  bdaymax Kitty
How are you cat , are you happy ? Please be happy cute cat . Im busy with my career now you can get married to somone whom you wanted to be i should be obeying you always and i do you be happy be happiest . Miss you soo much cat —  bdaymax Kitty
You always gave me a pure love i need to be punish for all the love which you have gave . Im really sorry please forgive me with a great heart that i made you goosey feeling am sorry to make you insulted infront of others please forgive me i never wanted to do i was scared of losing you , i disobey your love am in pain today —  bdaymax Kitty
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"If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal."
Carl Sagan
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