Crimson octopus

Crimson octopus

Drawn by LittleFawn.


originally by "Rebeccarawrr" Outline of a five-and-a-half-tentacled octopus When I first saw it I immediately imagined the rest of the drawing and decided to draw, I just find it so relaxing to draw underwater scenes I know it is simple but makes me feel so happy <3

© 2013 LittleFawn. Licensed under CC-BY.

Fish Octopus Coral Ocean

@Wen It loves you too <3 —  LittleFawn
@Kevin Waring Ikr? this is a very cool feature indeed, thanks and feel free to add to my drawings XD —  LittleFawn
Agreed with Aya, this one is good for children's bedroom wallpaper —  Sonny Mulder
@Sonny Mulder thanks :D —  LittleFawn
Nice i see some underwater city in teh distance >:3 —  Agneta Juodenaite
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