Drawn by michiru.


Okay, first off, just want to make this clear: I apologize for my suddenly aggressive behavior back then. I hope I didn't upset anybody with my attitude, and I'll make sure it'll never happen again.

I came back because I'm just reminded of my progress, growing as an artist and as a person, meeting new people and leaving people and all. A lot of things have occurred ever since I disappeared from this website, so yeah. Man, those drawings I did look really old! Haha. I remembered leaving because I thought the community wasn't as nice as I thought it was, but it happens to every community I guess, especially Tumblr, which is just full of toxicity. I've learned that no matter how bad the community can be, I just need to enjoy what makes me happy, and not let the community itself influence and control that enjoyment. But judging SP's community here, it still seems calmer and friendly, I suppose.

Anyhow, sorry for my long hiatus! I'll just be doodling again I guess, maybe sporadically. Who knows.

© 2014 michiru. Licensed under CC-BY.

Cool wb —  -----
Welcome back :) I was hoping for this happing. —  Lunar Eclipse
Welcome come back Crash. <3 i missed you. //hugs you tight —  Kiikii
Welcome back. I was thinking about how much I missed you the other day. : ) —  Gibbermagash
welcome back! :DDDD —  MUMON
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