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I'm DontSpeak(DontSpeakSilent). You can call me DS, for short. I'm a mostly self taught artist, also I'm homeschooled. I've been drawing forever. I did my first digital drawing in the summer of 2010 on sketchfu, and I've done amazing things since then, traditional and digital. -If you want to see more of my digital, traditional, and random sketches and things, check out my DeviantART


-P.S. Please comment on my drawings. Comments mean the world to me! Thanks! ;]

Crazy awesome Sketchfu drawings! They should be in your drafts now. Looking forward to your drawings here. :D —  magicalhobo
hllw.....i request you to draw jodie,ryan frm beyond two souls and ellie and joel last of us......or just draw ellen page :) —  sweetrox
my gosh! u hv been here for like 2 days and already 1330 total likes.....woahhh! :D —  sweetrox
and yeah! ......miley cyrus :) :D —  sweetrox
I just have to say it. You have a gift.... —  Gildor Elendil
Why don't you have any new drawings? —  thewalkingdude
I don't have any new drawing on Sketchport, because I haven't figured out how to use the drawing canvas. It confuses me. The drawings that I have was drawn on another website called sketchfu. —  DontSpeakSilent
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