Drawn by Jini.


Hope you get well soon @aya <3

© 2013 Jini. Licensed under CC-BY.

Watermelon Dress Girl People Bow

Awesome...i wish i could say more about this :( but there isn't an adjective that can describe the awesomeness. —  ch1ris23
OMG <3 UV OH UH OH SPEECHLESS! ! Thank you Jiniiiiiiiiii woaaah I almost cried xD :*:* too awesome xD —  Aya Mulder
(︶︿︶)ﻉ√٥ﺎ —  ch1ris23
@Krissie @ch1ris23 thanks guys! @Aya Mulder Aww I'm glad you like it ayayaya <3 —  Jini
hahaaa awesome! :D :D <3 —  Ana
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