Drawn by Jini.


This redefined the meaning of FOREVER. I started it exactly 1 year back; June 2012. Funnily enough, I don't think I spent more than 10-15 hours actually drawing. I kept having to postpone working on it due to lag and now thanks to Sean, who fixed said lag several times, I can finally submit it :D

My intention, when I started the draw, was to mess around with the various SP tools and create different textures. At that time, the blur feature was new (and the eraser tool nonexistent). This was my first draw where I used the fill and blur tools extensively.

© 2013 Jini. Licensed under CC-BY.

Woman Tattoo Henna Ring People Portrait Realism

@@michiru thank you :D —  Jini
Jini im your 50th liker at this drawing congrats me? —  Papachan
wow..this is just amazing i dont have words to aapreciate you..*hats off to you* :) —  paige
this sketch is just amazing —  super_nova
awesome!😄 —  Kelly Abernathy
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