We should have listened to Lephrizz.

We should have listened to Lephrizz.

Drawn by Crevasse for the OMGPOP of the dying kind challenge. Part of the album 2013.


Our friend Lephrizz kept trying to convince all of us with all of his might, that Swapples was the satan.

But nobody listened...

We should have listened...

Guess that is why the swapplets always seem to be staring at us with their empty smiles, and their empty eye sockets...

© 2013 Crevasse. Licensed under CC-BY.

I'll put an end to it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —  Liar
You should draw!!! :D —  Crevasse
@Crevasse @Coma yes!! more blood xD... oh I'm such a twisted soul lol —  uneekL4evr
they're so mischievous xd —  Kevin
wth!?!?!? —  sweetrox
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Richard Feynman
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