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Omg they are so beautiful. I just want to see how each artist on here would create one. egg

awesome :)))! —  Ana
yes Ukrainian ! Thank You Shelly from creating such challenge , Americans very interesting Ukrainian traditions and not coz only that here can smt wrong happend , no our country long years sending in USA and making in America exhibition about ours traditions food and art. —  Vomika
I often heard about such exhibition in USA on our global ukrainian radio Radio ERA fm : ) my fave radio on which you can hear news about sport about country and world and 1 hour programs abour Sport football basketball (often) about health about politic about philosophy questions and all that on ukr lang : ) —  Vomika
I agree ! The design is beautiful ! Very traditional. I like it :) —  xLitchi
@Shelly ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ I want to congrats You with Easter holidays ! Happy spend time together with all your familly it ! —  Vomika
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