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Look, fellow users, I need help. You all know magicalhobo and whatever the hell, right? I need some fucking people to talk to. I don't know how "muting" works, but it's gone on for awhile and I want to be able to use the chat freely and express what I feel. I'm tired of being excluded from everything just because of other people. It's not fucking right. I don't deserve this kind of treatment. I'm only 15 years old with no fucking friends or people to rely on in my life. My supposed "friends" on the internet here, let me down. I've realized they all didn't have a concept of what friendship nor had any experience in their life to feel true humanity. It was just all pity-parties and groupie-shit. Of course, I cannot blame myself for being so provoked. And blaming mental illness on your actions does not make them any more justifiable nor do I have to accept it. Sometimes people are so damn caught up in the own immaturity, incompetence, and emotional imbalance that they think they have the right to judge other people just because they need some way to make themselves feel bigger or better. It works that way with people who've never had control of their life. Complete chaos.

I admit, everyone makes fucking mistakes. I understand that. But it's not the end of the world. My "friend" was so desperate for a high off the depression that they took their admiration of my strength and passion and make it into this almost obsession. It's clear now. I was put in such a high refused for somebody else's happiness that I was being sucked dry by an every vampire, too helpless or trapped in mind, so much self-loathing that they had to rely on others to gain a feeling - ANY feeling that they have lost in their trauma and despair. In doing that I was a really high regard - almost a god. They believed it was love - but no. I don't think they realized what they were doing. I'm pretty sure that people with mental illnesses can manipulate everything or play victim - especially once their host breaks and they take the first chance to blame the misery on them. Hate, also, is such an easy thing to do. If you can hate somebody so much, it obviously means you never loved them to begin with. Unless your fucking bipolar. Only thing I gain is the fact that I had wishy-washy, disturbed, and un-helpable "friends."

Well. That was a rant. Also, f*** those people!

You should learn something from this.

Now look I'm at my last resort with this website - because I'm unsure how blocking works, but I can't seem to communicate anything. So naturally, I reach out through any way that I CAN. Because I don't need this feeling of exclusion again, especially since you probably know the outcome of that dysfunctional connection up there. ^^

Basically. I think magical hobo is using a p easy tactic. Block people who annoy you. But I'm worried that I'll never b able to make connections again if I sit around never able to even use the CHAT with anybody. That's supposed to be public.

But anyways : Dear, Users who muted me??? Anybody, really.

Look, hobo. I know you've all got me muted but it's kind of ruining everything now. I'm not gonna start anything. That was those friends' who left me 's fault. They provoked me an awful hella lot. And you don't know them or anything that went on behind the curtains so I'm asking nicely for a chance to be accepted onto the SketchPort community again. I don't purposely do shit to hurt people. I never hurt you personally, so don't hold anything against me. I find it unfair that I'm blocked entirely from a nice community. I want to be able to have the freedom and recognition of every other user on this site. Just because I've make mistakes before, doesn't mean I'm evil nor deserve to be excluded continuously. I'm just apologizing and asking to not be treated like a criminal, please? I can't even private message you to ask kindly or sort anything out. This isn't fair to me for future use. Please help me. I cannot stand this amount of ignorance and exclusion. It's not humane. I'll get along with everybody, I promise. I'm not as bad as you all think I am. This is ridiculous, dude.

Sincerely, Me.


Not very well-written but whatever


You're a very good person. I don't know what happened, but no one should be muted. I know what you feel, because I was muted too for one small cussing. The rules are too strict. I don't have any close friends in real life, so SP is all I got. No one deserves being muted or banned. No one.

So Sean, if you are reading this, please unban her. Don't take away all that she has. Muting shouldn't be a way to punish people.



Misneach :

Even if it is used as a way of punishing people, it would be really nice if we could be given a reason of what we did wrong and an opportunity after a short mute, to prove that we will not do it again. If we don't know why we are muted we have a very difficult time correcting the behavior.


yeah thats true


Starting a different account is an easy way to use the chat box again.
Kind of sucks but a lot of folks who've had issues with muting have gone this route.

Misneach :

It does suck, you cant be associated with all the drawings you worked so hard on :(


Then learn how to live alone

Wolfie the demon:


"For all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities, we humans are capable of greatness."
Carl Sagan
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