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Plz keep it so its kinda easy not to hard at least becuz i dont usually draw on a computer so im kinda not used to it. But anyways ty for understanding. Have a great day! And a wonderful rest of the week! Love yall.

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that is so cute i will try to keep the flow and do it easy for you.Can you draw a heart

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Bakugou from My Hero o k ? and Dragon kirishima Bonis


can you draw a dragon wolf pwease.

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i will try to do everything else but i dont know or watch my hero sorry


people animals. example:

  • girl w/ animals properites
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Hey um I've watched My hero Academia what do you want me to draw for you"

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hi draw nezuko kamdo plz.

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hi draw the fox girl from anime plz

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plz draw all my hero Academia class 1A Characters


Maybe draw a huge dragon with a small wolf riding on it's head

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