Sorry For Not Posting Stuff Every Now And Then...

Sorry For Not Posting Stuff Every Now And Then...

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I'm really sorry for not posting stuff... I'm not even supposed to use my school computer since I got grounded I guess... I also lost my roblox account... My roblox account WAS marianneloveRBLX but it changed due to being hacked, I had many different accounts ready to be used if my best and most used roblox account got hacked somehow... My account that I'm using is now called: A_TerribleAccount! I'm starting to play FNF (Friday Night Funkin') RP (Not all are RP games) Games on roblox and also a undertale game called: Undertale Soul OPS on roblox ofc... I still miss my previous and best account for roblox.... I spended so much time playing on every one of my favorite games that I spended lots of robux on it... :-:

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