My Prob Fav Oc (Finally finished!! Pixel art!)

My Prob Fav Oc (Finally finished!! Pixel art!)

Drawn by Google User.


Hi everyone! This is the finished version of my other drawing! To be honest, I thought this was gonna take a lot longer than this but It's finished! I didn't have all the colors needed to actually finish it though... So, what do you think of this drawing? Do you like it? Do you hate it? This is the finished drawing! (Without the needed hair color, skin color, and others...)

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Apparently my oc doesn't have a neck..... I just literally found that out..... The black thing near the hair part is supposed to be the shadow in the hair... (reeee) and the other black thing in the middle is supposed to be the shade (Maybe) on the neck... NO WAY I'M GOING TO FIX THE "neck problem" ANYTIME SOON! Oof, sorry about all caps (All capitals.) Anyways, bye! —  Google User
that is better than mine —  Google User
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