Hold may refer to:

  • Hold (aviation), a place for an aircraft to loop around near its destination
  • Baggage hold, cargo space on an airplane
  • Climbing hold, on climbing walls
  • Hold (banking/commerce), a now common practice by bankers and retailers (esp. gas stations)
  • Hold (baseball), a statistic that may be awarded to a relief pitcher
  • The cards that are kept in a hand of poker, not those discarded and replaced
  • Handhold (dance)
  • Grappling hold, a specific grip applied to an opponent in wrestling or martial arts
  • Legal hold, a legal ruling or official declaration
  • Marianne Hold (1933–1994), German actress
  • Hold (musical term), same as Fermata
  • Holds of Pern, a city or community in the Dragonriders of Pern science-fiction series
  • Secret hold, a parliamentary procedure
  • Hold (ship), interior cargo space
  • "Hold", a song by Axium from Blindsided
  • Stronghold, a castle or other fortified place
  • Hold (telephone), a condition where the call is not terminated, but no speech is taking place
  • Hold (title), an ancient Anglo-Danish and Norwegian title


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