Papa is a word used in many languages as an affectionate term for father or sometimes grandfather.

Papa or PAPA may also refer to:


  • A category of Karma in Jainism


  • Papa (nickname), a list of people
  • Papa (surname)
  • Papa (bishop) (3rd century), Bishop of Seleucia-Ctesiphon and a founding figure in the Church of the East
  • Papa, a monk martyred with Abda and Abdjesus

In mythology:

  • Rangi and Papa, the primordial parents according to Māori mythology

In geography:

  • Pápa, a town in Hungary
  • Papa village (Samoa), on the island of Savai'i
  • Papa, Scotland, various islands

In arts and entertainment:

  • Papa (TV series), a South Korean drama
  • Papa (2012 film), a 2012 South Korean film
  • Papa (2015 film), an upcoming film about Ernest Hemingway
  • "Papa" (song), from the BBC drama Gideon's Daughter
  • "Pa-Pa", a song from Hell of a Tester by The Rasmus
  • Papa Lazarou, a fictional character from The League of Gentlemen

As an acronym:

  • British Amateur Press Association (comics fandom), an amateur press association which first published under the name PAPA
  • Professional and Amateur Pinball Association
  • Parallax Aircraft Parking Aid, a device that indicates where pilots should stop in a stand

Other uses:

  • Papa, the letter "P" in the ICAO spelling alphabet
  • Papa, a class of Soviet nuclear submarine, the sole member of the class being Soviet submarine K-222
  • Papa, Spanish word for potato, used in the names of numerous Latin American potato-based dishes

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