Colored or coloured is a term used in the United States during the racial segregation times, especially in the South. Were commonly used to describe people who do not have white skin or a Caucasian appearance (non-white) and also people with mixed racial heritage. This usually meant black African Americans, although the terms can be applied to members of other non-white races as well. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word colored was first used in the 14th Century, but with a completely different meaning not race or ethnicity.

In other English-speaking countries, the term has varied meanings. In South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, the name Coloured (often capitalized) refers both to a specific ethnic group of complex mixed origins, which is considered neither black nor white, and in other contexts (usually lower case) to people of mixed race, including African Americans; in neither context is its usage considered derogatory. In British usage, the term refers to "a person who is wholly or partly of non-white descent" and its use may be regarded as antiquated or offensive, and other terms are preferable, particularly when referring to a single ethnicity.

Tired Kitty Wings Colored Meow

My colored version of the kitty. Btw, he's not unhappy but tired. There's a smile. That was how I ...

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