Christa may refer to:

  • 1015 Christa, an asteroid
  • Janusz Christa (born 1934), Polish author
  • Christa (given name), a female given name

People with the given name Christa:

  • Christa Ackroyd (born 1957), television and radio presenter
  • Christa B. Allen (born 1991), American child actress
  • Christa Bauch (born 1947), professional bodybuilder
  • Christa Borden (21st century), Canadian pop singer
  • Christa Calamas (21st century), former Secretary of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
  • Christa Campbell (born 1973), American actress and model
  • Christa Czekay (born 1944), retired West German sprinter
  • Christa Faust (born 1969), American author
  • Christa Fontana (20th century), Italian luger
  • Christa Gannon (20th century), American basketball player
  • Christa Gietl (born 1977), Italian luger
  • Christa Hughes (21st century), Australian singer
  • Christa Johnson (born 1958), American golfer
  • Christa Kinshofer (born 1961), retired German alpine skier
  • Christa Klaß (born 1951), German politician
  • Christa Klecker (20th century), Austrian luger
  • Christa Luding-Rothenburger (born 1959), former speed skater and track cyclist
  • Christa Ludwig (born 1928), German retired mezzo-soprano
  • Christa McAuliffe (1948–1986), American teacher and astronaut
  • Christa Miller (born 1964), American actress
  • Christa Pike (born 1976), youngest woman to be sentenced to death in the United States
  • Christa Päffgen (more famously known under the pseudonym Nico) (born 1938), German fashion model, later actress & singer
  • Christa Prets (born 1947), Austrian politician
  • Christa Rigozzi (born 1983), Miss Switzerland 2006
  • Christa Sauls (born 1972), American model and actress
  • Christa Schroeder (1908–1984), one of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s personal secretaries
  • Christa Speck (born 1942), German model and actress
  • Christa Staak (21st century), German rower
  • Christa Stubnick (born 1933), East German athlete
  • Christa Williams (born 1926), German pop singer
  • Christa Winsloe (1888–1944), German novelist, playwright and sculptor
  • Christa Wolf (1929–2011), German literary critic, novelist, and essayist
  • Christa Worthington (1956–2002), American fashion writer

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