Webtoons (Korean: 웹툰) are webcomics created in South Korea; Daum created a webtoon portal in 2003, followed by Naver in 2004. As of July 2014, Naver had published 520 webtoons and launched LINE Webtoon, while Daum had published 434. Daum Webtoon and NAVER Webtoon continuously release on a set schedule from licensed webtoon artists and both of them allow webtoon fans to read new and diverse comics everyday for free.

Among the most popular webtoons are The Gamer, Tower of God, Noblesse, Girls of the Wild's, God of High School, and Soul Cartel.

Authors' and illustrators' diversity mean that a student, a housekeeper, and even a normal office worker can be a Webtoon author. They can publish their comics on major Webtoon websites if they are hired or wish to be featured. Some Webtoons have been translated from Korean to English since 2010 by Webtoon Live.

As the webtoon emerged as a new media to publish and read cartoon online, the paper publication of Korean cartoon has declined. Webtoon has replaced an equal amount of footage as the offline cartoons. Comics publishers now have created online-only webtoon sites, as well as webzines, which is a digital collection of existing printed comics. Welsh (2007) states that "comics accounts for about 25 percent of all book sales in South Korea, while more than 3 million Korean users access paid online manhwa and 10 million read free webcomics."


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