A cane gun is a walking cane with a hidden gun built into it. Cane guns are often referred to as "poacher's guns", but were far out of the price range of common poachers, and were commonly carried by gentlemen to use on wild game of opportunity. Cane guns now are very rare to find and are mostly in the hands of private collectors and museums. Cane guns are usually fitted to fire large handgun type cartridges or large shotgun cartridges like the 12-gauge which is perfect for low pressure conditions of normal guns and excel in the high pressure conditions of a cane gun, with each cane gun holding a single cartridge, usually a high power type. Other types of cane guns are blow dart cane guns and flare gun canes. Cane guns have a place in spy culture, with a famous example appearing in Ian Fleming's novel Casino Royale (1953) where James Bond is threatened with one during a crucial point in Le Chiffre's card game. This incident is based on the Israelites in 1948 who carried one shot cane guns.


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