Howling may refer to:

  • Vocalizations of wolves
    • Similar vocalizations of dogs
    • Similar vocalizations of coyotes
    • Similar vocalizations of foxes
  • The Howling (franchise), the fiction franchise
    • The Howling, the original 1977 horror novel
    • The Howling (film), the original 1981 film loosely based on the novel
  • Howling (2012 film), a South Korean film
  • Howling, a fictional village in which the 1932 novel Cold Comfort Farm is set
  • Howling (The Saints album), 1996
  • Howling (The Angels album), 1986
  • Howlin' (Jagwar Ma album), 2013
  • "Howling" (Abingdon Boys School song), by Japanese rock band Abingdon Boys School
  • "Howling" (Hitomi Yaida song), a 2000 single by Hitomi Yaida
  • The Howling (EP), a 2007 EP by Within Temptation

Wolf Moon Howling

A wolf howling at the moon, watching the valley. What should I do next?

"If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal."
Carl Sagan
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