Lioness(es) may refer to:

  • A female lion
  • The Lioness (novel), a Dragonlance novel by Nancy Varian Berberick
  • USS Lioness (1857), a steam ram
  • Lioness Asuka, Japanese professional wrestler
  • Millwall Lionesses L.F.C., an English women's football club
  • Lioness (film), a documentary about the American servicewomen in Iraq known as Team Lioness

In music:

  • Lioness (band), a Canadian indie rock band
    • Lioness (EP), an EP by the band
  • The Lioness (album), an album by Songs: Ohia, or the title song
  • Lioness: Hidden Treasures, a 2011 posthumous compilation album by Amy Winehouse
  • Lioness Records, a British record label

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