Capricorn (pl. capricorni or capricorns) may refer to:

  • Capricornus, one of the constellations of the zodiac
    • Capricorn (astrology)
  • Capricorn (manga), a 1988 manga series created by Johji Manabe
  • Capricorn (Jay Chou album), 2008
  • Capricorn (Mike Tramp album), 1997
  • "Capricorn (A Brand New Name)", a 2002 single by 30 Seconds to Mars from their self-titled album
  • "Capricorn", song by Motörhead from the album Overkill
  • "Capricorn", a song by IQ from their 1997 concept album Subterranea
  • Capricorn (comics), Marvel Comics character
  • Capricorn (Inkworld), Inkheart character
  • Capricorn (ship), on January 28, 1980, collided with and sank the USCGC Blackthorn
  • Capricorn (microprocessor), a family of microprocessors used in the HP series 80 scientific microcomputers
  • Capricorn Investment Holdings, an umbrella for the Capricorn group of companies
  • An animal from the ibex family, particularly the Alpine ibex
  • One of the names for the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer

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