On, on, or ON may refer to:

  • On (Japanese prosody), the counting of sound units in Japanese poetry
  • Ön, a 1966 Swedish film
  • On (novel), by Adam Roberts
  • Air Nauru IATA airline designator ON
  • On in Ancient Egypt, a Hebrew form of the ancient Egyptian name of Heliopolis
  • ITV Digital, a failed British digital television service originally named ONdigital
  • Leg side, in the game of cricket
  • Old Norse, a North Germanic language commonly referenced in etymology
  • ON Semiconductor, a semiconductor manufacturing company
  • O'Nan group, a mathematical group
  • Ontario, Canada
  • Ontology, a branch of philosophy that deals with the concept of being
  • On'yomi, reading of Japanese kanji characters
  • Osteonectin, a glycoprotein
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Order of the Nation, a Jamaican honour
  • Overground Network, a railway scheme in South London
  • Overmyer Network, an ill-fated US television network
  • OS/Net, the OpenSolaris Community
  • Optic neuritis, especially relevant in multiple sclerosis
  • On, the son of Pelath, participant in an Israelite rebellion against the leadership of Moses


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