Bouquet, a word of French origin, pronounced [bu.kɛ], may refer to:

  • Bouquet (wine), a fragrance or odor, especially when used as a description of wine
  • Flower bouquet, an arrangement of cut flowers
  • Fruit bouquet, a fruits arrangement in the form of bouquet
  • Bouquet garni, a bundle of herbs used to prepare soup, stock, and various stews
  • Cookie bouquet, a gift or a decorations
  • Candy Bouquet, an arrangement of candy, cellophanes, chocolate
  • In mathematics, a space constructed with the wedge sum, for example, the bouquet of circles
  • Kitchen Bouquet, a browning and seasoning sauce
  • Spiritual bouquet, a collection of prayers and spiritual actions given up for a specific purpose


  • Anne Bouquet (born 1952), High Commissioner of the Republic in French Polynesia
  • Carole Bouquet (born 1957), French actress
  • Henry Bouquet (1719–1765), British army officer
  • Martin Bouquet (1685–1754), French historian
  • Michel Bouquet (born 1925), French film actor
  • Pierre-Loup Bouquet (born 1987), French ice dancer

Fictional characters:

  • Mireille Bouquet, one of the two protagonists in the 26-episode anime Noir
  • Hyacinth Bucket, a character in Keeping Up Appearances who insists her last name is pronounced "Bouquet"


  • Boquet, Pennsylvania, United States (Note: Spelled with only one "u")
  • Bouquet, Gard, France
  • Bouquet, Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Bouquet Gardens, a major student residential complex of the University of Pittsburgh
  • Bouquet Reservoir, a reservoir in Los Angeles County, California
  • Bouquet River, a small river in upstate New York, USA
  • Bouquet Canyon, California, an unincorporated area located in Los Angeles County


  • Bouquet of Barbed Wire, a novel by Andrea Newman
  • Bouquets to Art, an annual floral exhibition hosted by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
  • Compass Rose Bouquet, the second album by American rock band Great Lakes Myth Society
  • Bouquet, Garcin & Schivre, a French electric car manufactured between 1899 and 1906
  • Bouquet of Black Orchids, a 1993 compilation by The Tear Garden
  • Bouquet of Lilies Clock, a Fabergé egg
  • Bouquet Association Table (BAT), a DVB service information (DVB-SI) table that specifies TV bouquets. Each bouquet being a collection of audio/video services

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