Sassy may refer to:

  • Sassy (magazine), a defunct publication for teen girls
  • Sassy, Calvados, a commune in France
  • SCUBA-2 All Sky Survey (SASSy), an astronomical survey
  • Sassy, Inc., a baby-care products company owned by Kid Brands

In music:

  • Sassy Pandez, English DJ
  • Sarah Vaughan (1924–1990), nicknamed Sassy, American jazz singer
    • Sassy (album), a 1956 album by Sarah Vaughan
  • Sassy, a member of the Japanese band High and Mighty Color
  • "Sassy", a song by Katerina Graham
  • "Sassy", a song by The Manhattan Transfer from The Offbeat of Avenues
  • "Sassy", a song by Hole
  • "Sassy", mostly associated with the ex lead singer Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance

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