Mill may refer to:

  • Mill (grinding)
  • Manufacturing facilities categorized by their power source:
    • Watermill, a mill powered by moving water
    • Windmill, a mill powered by moving air (wind)
    • Tide mill, a water mill that uses the tide's movement
    • Treadmill, a mill powered by human or animal movement
      • Horse mill, a mill powered by horses' movement
  • Manufacturing facilities categorized by their mobile/non-building design
    • Ship mill, a water mill that floats on the river or bay whose current or tide provides the water movement
    • Field mill (carriage), a portable mill
  • Manufacturing facility categorized by what material is made (output) or acted upon (input) (or both):
    • Gristmill, a grain mill (flour mill)
    • Ore mill, for crushing and sifting ore
    • Paper mill
    • Sugar cane mill
    • Sawmill, a lumber mill
    • Steel mill
    • Textile mills for textile manufacturing:
      • Cotton mill
      • Woollen mill
    • Wire mill, for wire drawing
  • Or many other kinds of mills. See Category:Industrial buildings
  • Mill (heraldry)
  • Industrial tool for size reduction (comminution) and/or filtration:
    • Ball mill, a mill using balls to crush the material
    • Burr mill, a mill using burrs to crush the material, usually manufactured for a single purpose such as coffee beans, dried peppercorns, coarse salt, spices, or poppy seeds
    • Cutting mill, a device commonly used in laboratories for the preliminary size reduction of materials
    • End mill, a type of milling cutter used in milling in the machining sense
    • Hammermill, a mill using little hammers to crush the material
    • Milling machine, a machine tool that performs milling (machining)
    • Pin mill, a mill for achieving very fine particle sizes
    • Roller mill, a mill using rollers
    • Rolling mill, for rolling (metalworking)
      • Strip mill, a type of rolling mill
    • Slitting mill, for slitting metal into nails
    • VSI mill, a mill with a vertical shaft that spins
    • Wet mill, a mill that steeps a substance in water to remove specific compounds
  • Computing senses:
    • Arithmetic logic unit, used in the context of Charles Babbage's Analytical engine, a 19th-century concept of a computer
    • an early term for the central processing unit of a digital computer, especially in early British machines; the term is still occasionally used to refer to the CPU resources consumed by a program
  • Mill (currency), a denomination used by some currencies, the equivalent of a tenth of a cent or penny, or a thousandth of the currency unit
  • Diploma mill or degree mill, an organization which awards academic degrees and diplomas with very little or no academic study and without recognition by official accrediting bodies
  • Nine Men's Morris, a traditional board game; the term "mill" may also mean "three (playing pieces) in a row" within the game
  • Windmill (breakdance move) or mill, a power move in breakdancing
  • The Mill (post-production), a visual effects company
  • The Mill (Ipswich), an apartment complex located on the Waterfront in Ipswich
  • a manual typewriter
  • the standard author abbreviation Mill. that may be used to indicate botanist Philip Miller's work when citing a botanical name
  • Millage, a property tax

People named Mill:

  • Andy Mill (born 1953), a skier
  • Frank Mill (born 1958), a German football player (World Cup winner, Summer Olympics bronze medalist)
  • Harriet Taylor Mill (1807–1858), a philosopher and women's rights advocate
  • James Mill (1773–1836), a Scottish historian, economist and philosopher
  • John Mill (theologian) (c. 1645–1707), an English theologian and author of Novum Testamentum Graecum
  • John Stuart Mill (1806–1873), an influential classical liberal thinker and philosopher of the 19th century, son of James Mill

Mill in geography:

  • Mill, Netherlands, a Dutch village
  • Mill en Sint Hubert, a Dutch municipality

MILL may refer to:

  • Major Indoor Lacrosse League, the American indoor lacrosse league, rebranded in 1997 as the National Lacrosse League

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