Badass may refer to:

  • Hotshot (stock character), a stock character in fiction
  • Badass (book), a 2009 book by Ben Thompson
  • Badass (bridges), a manufacturer of bridges for guitars and basses
  • Badass (TV series), a Playboy TV reality show
  • Bad Ass, a 2012 film
  • Baadasssss!, a 2003 American biopic
  • "Badass" (Saliva song), 2011
  • "Badass" (The Crystal Method song), 2005
  • "Badass (October 2003 Ruff Demo)", song by Garbage

Tongue Badass You Blah

because sticking out a tongue is so badass.

"Good judgement seeks balance and progress. Lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration."
President Eisenhower
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