Sad Puppy: It wasnt supposed to be sad, but I never know how it will turn out until its done.

Tis one of my favorite animals. Otters are so precious. Did you know they hold hand with their...

Another one for Papachan's Challenge, just because i was particularily inspired today. Happy...

I realized he pretty much looked like he was hovering over the puddle in the first version.

Sassy Plane Pilot

Sassy, pilot's hat and telephone wires for you <3 Hope you have a great day, Johan!

Sea otter Otter

With help from Uneek for the water. Thank you so much <3

Hamster Sassy Strawberry

Thanks Johan for helping me find a computer and thanks Nathalie for being so very nice <3

Gracie Grumpy cat Kitten Cat

Gracie was born with a cleft lip and palette. She almost died when she was a baby and had...

Polar bear Bear Winter

For my little 2 year old great niece. She is sick and wanted to cheer her up. We took her to the...

Baby beluga Beluga Whale Sea Swim

Baby beluga in the deep blue sea, Swim so wild and you swim so free. Heaven above and the sea...

"Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable."
Carl Sagan
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