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It can be anything :)
Top 5 Winners, I will put in the comments, if yours is the most beautiful drawing :)
If your chosen to be the top 5 i will put "WINNER" if yours chose in the top 5
If I put "GRAND PRIZE WINNER" on one of the drawings, your chosen to start a challenge
Auctions start 3/22/14 and Auctions ends 3/31/14
4/1/14 We will announce the winners, Good luck to drawings! 11:59:59 ET


Now Announcing the top 5 winners!

5. Zakeena's Drawing-Not Pink Not Fluffy Unicorn Being A Rainbow

Very good, very talented, and fingerpaint specialty

4. Mouldy Sponge's Drawing-aquaphobic fish

Just gray, and very special

3. Shelly ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ's Drawing-Paint A Rainbow: Parfait

Most famous sketch, and pretty existing treat

2. -HetaliaFan-'s Drawing-Optical Illusion Rainbow

Neon coloring, almost fingerpainting, and complete neoner

1. Hababoon's Drawing-Reaching

Reaching for sky, reaching for rainbow, and handful made
Thanks for joining the contest.
NOTE: If yours didn't made it for the top 5, were sorry, and you can win next time!
And also uneek's cookies

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