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No need to draw all of them :D

  1. Yourself
  2. Inside your fridge
  3. Your hometown
  4. Inside your bag
  5. Your computer/laptop/notebook
  6. Your handwriting
  7. What wakes you up (alarm clock/phone/person)
  8. Your frontdoor
  9. Childhood memory
  10. Your last food
  11. The sky
  12. The thing you draw the best
  13. A doodle
  14. An emotion
  15. The best hearth you cam draw
  16. Your favourite character (book/movie/series/game/etc.)
  17. Favorite TV show
  18. Inspiration
  19. Favourite outfit
  20. A frog
  21. A smile
  22. Favourite animal
  23. Furniture
  24. Fruit
  25. Vegetable
  26. A cat with a hat on a mat holding a bat looking at a rat
  27. Happy Waffle
  28. Sushi
  29. Cute monster
  30. Re-draw your favourite thing from the challenge
Stop plagorism —  Papachan
If you mean plagiarism I'm not trying to steal anything I just saw those kinds of challenges on the internet (normally made for posting on Facebook) and thought it will fit the website since it's for drawing. I haven't seen such a challenge here - there was a daily challenge but it was for finishing drawings and this is for making them all yourself but if it does bother someone I'll delete it (if I can, because I'm not sure how) —  Cvetina
This is actually from a 2011 Challenge the thirty day challenge by Chris —  Papachan
Ok then, sorry. As I said if it's a problem to repeat a challenge from before 4 years I will delete it if I can —  Cvetina
It's no problem, thank you @Cvetina —  magicalhobo
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