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"You're a strange looking cat."
"Oh, I'm not a cat, I'm a dog."
"Alright, a dog, I understand, but deep down inside we're all cats, right?"
"No. I'm a dog."

Sean... We need to talk. About what? Glad you asked. Where is the down-vote option? —  c* 123???
so hey uh could you maybe unmute me or something please so i can participate respectfully in the community again? im truly sorry for what i did and ill make it up to you any way i can if you want. please forgive me. —  User1401
Sean... We need to talk. About what? Glad you asked. Where is the downvote option? —  Whose pen is
THANKS @uneekL4evr! Eat a turkey flavored birthday cake for me. —  magicalhobo
Long time no see, I hope you've been doing well <3 —  V1ciouzMizzAzn
Sean this whole wait a week to send messages and see me in chat is lame :D cut the crab a break here —  omgitsbeech
Sean it is me ery.. I am sending this mail from max's account, because I can't log in with my windows live account for months and couldn't come here sadly. It always gives error whenever i try to log in here. I think i lost my account here (?) Do you have any idea how should i log with my account? -- Erythrocyte —  .-.
Hello Sean, Can I please get an archive of my drawings. Thanks :: ch1ris23. Lastly, when is Sketchport going to get an upgraded version? We are in the future you know(cool frameworks). —  Red Master
can you please unblock me from chat will you do it . —  max
sean, you suck. —  Anonymous
Hey sean , i would like to ask ,does Erythrocyte login with her ACC or IP on this site ? —  Mew
@Mew I would like to let you know that I'm not ever going to provide that kind of information to anyone. Also don't stalk people. —  magicalhobo
I want to make sure you're getting my PMs (???) pls respond regardless —  Deactivated
................... —  Wolfy loves banana's
Hello ? Is it me you're looking for ? —  Zakeena
Yo Sean, remember my comment from 3 years ago about upgrading Sketchport to a cool framework, its time. React is stable enough. . don't let this side project died. Run some ads, add a bot to post some parametric doodles. Just saying bro, those adsense $$$. - Ch1ris23 —  Ch1ris23(pumpkin)
hey, i cant log into my account (babysnoops14) what happen?! it not the same as it use to be —  luckynumber14
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