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Okay legit question : How are you doing such good art? Are you doing it on another program and posting it here or are you a god hiding from the masses while you use sketchport's weird program?? —  Megan Worth
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@Megan Worth Hey! Sorry for such a late reply. I couldn't figure out how to reply to comments till now lol my bad. Thank you so much though? Omg. I actually didn't think it was that great but. I really appreciate the compliment! And yea I'm just an average nerd loll. I have drawn on here b4 though. However I deleted everything. Decided to start over. The thing I use is actually on my iPod, the sketchport app. My tech stopped working for a year which was shit.. But I just recently found it and ha! It works! So I can draw again now! Yay. It's rlly hard actually. U havta get used to it. Luckily, I am used to drawing w/my finger on the touchscreen on another art app, like Sketchbook. So yeah!(??) But thanks again! I'm really happy you like my art n it's good to be back. The only problem is this same account got blocked in the past so I can't participate in the chat. Sorry! —  Deactivated
Thnx for liking my work. Artists are often overly critical of their own work. It's good to see that you're being as productive as you are. : ) —  Gibbermagash
waaaaaaa —  AsdfjkEd
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