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As you know I like to draw animals that like wintertime. I would like to see everyone else's art depicting their favorite winter animal. Don't forget the snow. Have fun!

Challenge Monkey Japan Winter Cold Hot Springs Onsen Jigokudani

This animal was the first thing that came in my head when I read the challenge's title xD I don't ...

Polar bear Bear Winter

For my little 2 year old great niece. She is sick and wanted to cheer her up. We took her to the ...

Fluffy Fox Artic Animal Cold Winter

I wanted to draw something cute and fluffy. not sure I managed. hope you like. ^^

Penguin Winter Snow Snowflake

Wasn't sure if I should actually post this one, since it was mostly just me messing around with the ...

Liked it a little too much :(

Frog Snowflake Tongue Fly

Froggy is not feeling well, because of the cold outside. :( Try to feel better with Froggy, by ...

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