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I FORGET HOW TO DRAW LIKE I DID IN THE PAST :'( I will try to draw again sometime later, maybe -.-

70K OMG! YOU ARE LUCKY!! —  Papachan
Excuse me, sorry for asking, but do you do comissons? Like simple ones? I wanted to give my friend a picture of his "signature symbol" thing. It's just a candle with a cool handle thingy. If not, then its totally fine. —  B_Mega
@B_Mega check your "inbox" here :) —  Aya Mulder
Hey Aya, I hope you're doing well! —  magicalhobo
Hi, @magicalhobo (magicalhoBOSS:P) ! I'm doing well, just busy with things here... Also I think I forget how to draw now :s but will try to draw again in the future later... maybe will start again from November, hopefully^^ I miss sketchport :'( —  Aya Mulder
It's November, time to start! :D —  magicalhobo
It's November, time to start :( —  magicalhobo
Aya, let's play 🎴 :D —  magicalhobo
i heart you! —  -----
Aya! it's the new year! where are you T_T —  uneekL4evr
I love your artworks. :) Come back. —  Nikko
Thanks Aya! As long as I get fed I have no problem with being kidnapped. Long time no see, I hope you are Joe are doing good :) —  Liar
Missing youuu <3 Glad you came back to draw a lil bit ! <3 —  xLitchi
@----- I heart u yoo, come baaaaaaaaaaack T_T —  Aya Mulder
@xLitchi hhe yes ! for the meantime, i'm trying to get used to new layout and new trackpad T_T —  Aya Mulder
So many tears —  -----
So many tears —  -----
Ayaaa, it's skrik. you should message me on facebookkkk ! —  Skrik
Watermelon! —  magicalhobo
Comeback and draw more!! —  LittleFawn
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