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Draw your favourite characters from anything! Movies, TV shows, Anime, Manga, Video Games, whatever, just get creative! (╯`▽´)╯


Nadia and her pet lion, King. D: I don't know why he's grey....but he is. <_< They're from the...

Pokemon Zweilous

Converted from Sketchfu. Thank you, Hobo! ♡ -- This drawing is of one of my favourite Pokemon,...

Metal Gear Metal Gear Solid MGS2

imported from sketchfu and edited here. thank you for importing this and other works, hobo!...

Metal Gear Metal Gear Rising MGR

[points at raiden] there he is, that's my cyborg //in other news i can't draw raiden for the...

"Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable."
Carl Sagan
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