2. Decorate the Cake!

2. Decorate the Cake!

Drawn by Chris for the 2. Decorate the Cake! challenge. Part of the album Sketch of the Day.


Sketch of the Day

In this Sketch of the Day, the cake is your canvas! Decorate it however you want, or if you're feeling like a cake chef, you're always welcome to start from scratch. :)

There's nothing you can't do with a cake, however if you choose to, you may also do a birthday cake. Or- you may make a belated-birthday cake to show that although you missed their birth-anniversary, you're still thinking of them.

What kind of cake will you make? Click here to begin: http://www.sketchport.com/draw?source=4522483231227904

© 2014 Chris. Licensed under CC-BY.

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