Where the planet on name ''Peace'' ?

Where the planet on name ''Peace'' ?

Drawn by Vomika. Part of the album Nature.


First name of the picture : [Where the planet where there are no wars, where that planet on name ''Peace'' ?]


No fate for civilizations , Life of which full of promotion diffrents bad stuff , for exemple drinking from which so many road crashes , so many violance in famillies , so many hurt , for exemple smoking from which early still alone kids without their parents. Need fight by all ways with promotion of those things, No macdonalds No cola and sodas. Yes Green Peace and WWF! , Yes Sport! , Yes Healthy Style of Life! and as result Yes, Peace! Remember you have only one life and from what you do depend not only that part of world in which you live....

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@Litchi i said dirt coz other ppl not sid to me tht coz just was not any time that i said bad words on those ppl , so from where u get that ? when i spoke to u , long that time i already known tht you are other sex orientation , but i spoke with you and your love Zakeena in respectful on one lvl with other way , until me not started provoke agent nl i said him idiot but its not coz he gay , he provoked me i answered all. —  Vomika
@Litchi about today black next day white i can say u do u understand when i saying that in ukraine i never saw any gay or lesbian ? so which strong position about my spending myself to them i can have ! of corse any , in internet i saw one such human that girl not used chat like crazy and i long time was with her as just friend she too was agnaist smoking and dtrinking. —  Vomika
@Litchi she made me say after my first talk with those type of ppl which are lesbian she made me say that even in russia and ukraine ppl agnaist it , i spending myself with understand to you , if human care about other one human and truelly love only that one then not matter orientation i think. note those words and stop say lie. its just when nothing say person just trying use any small word that start argues , i didnot said you good bye ? and forever. —  Vomika
@Litchi look from urself , if i not speak with u it can be by very other resoin , for exemple when i wanted 2 days ago say in chat to my friend that she sign in i just could not to sy it to her that she not look in chat , urs guys were crazy typed at first about po.no sites then show me and diffrents nude girls , i not speak with ppl which just dont care that someone also can need this chat that invite friend and that this friend not got shoke from it. i all said , good bye forever. —  Vomika
Ok. No problem Dima. Goodbye —  xLitchi
"You can't give up hope just because it is hopeless! You gotta hope even more, and cover your ears, and go: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!""
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