Valentine Blues

Valentine Blues

Drawn by Ebonezee.


valentines day, its a day of love and candy But when your single it kind of sucks. Seeing couples hugging and kissing each and being all cute and stuff, its annoying. Really to me im just glad i get chocolate from my Parents each year :3.

© 2014 Ebonezee. Licensed under CC-BY.

Valentine Blues Love Candy Couple Cute

i getting it too but i like more white chocolate. And yes i should agree its annoying. i also glad if yours parents congrated each other and u with them spend nice time ! —  Vomika
And not worry about dislikes chris , he almost one here who voting down. —  Vomika
@Vomika Thats very nice of you to say. Thank you and i hope you had a good valentines day too :) P.s I really like white chocolate and dark chocolate ;3 —  Ebonezee
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